Edinburgh Roundup

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What a week it’s been! IGDA Scotland has rocked Edinburgh for a second time! Thank you to everyone who came along to make an interesting evening of meeting, greeting, discussion and debate. We got a lot of feedback on how the chapter is going and even more ideas for the future, which we hope to be putting in place to make our journeys to the Edinburgh crowd even more special.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Chris Wright, from local firm <a title=”We Games Analytics, who gave a stellar talk on how to get Games Analytics “Wright” (ouch…)

Pics or it Didn't Happen!

Our camera buggered up on the night, the technician told us it’s awesomeness-ity reciprocator hadn’t been designed with an IGDA Chapter meeting in mind. Chris has however, given us his slides which will be able to give you all the juicy load out on using analytics, and how Chris and his guys can help you get started in a whim!

If you haven’t already, we’d be really interested in hearing your thought’s and opinions on what you’d like to see your IGDA chapter do. So you can spam Kraig, have a flame war on our Facebook Group, or kindly fill out our Survey Monkey Questionnaire. Every-time you do, something bad happens to a bad person! Honest!

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