November Dundee Skype Meeting

Want in? Add kraig.walker as a contact on Skype with the message “IGDA Scotland” and he’ll add you to the group conversation. You don’t need a mic since it’s all text…

Friday, 11th of November @ 8pm

Greetings Everyone!

November is here and the nights have drawn in. Even as I type, at three in the afternoon, the sun is already putting on it’s night cab after going on an all out binge over the summer months.

I’m just writing to let you know that we’re working on our next meeting in Dundee. The newly formed committee has been tasked with hosting the mini event, where you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, or just find out how things are going.

We put on these meetings as an effort to maintain a level of transparency with the rest of the community, and we’d be super excited to hear from you.

On the agenda:

  • Edinburgh Meetup Feedback and reaction
  • Current plans for Dundee Meetup this November
  • December plans (feasibility of a christmas party)
  • Long term plans/ ideas for the chapter
I’m currently serving a pilgrimage to the NEoN Digital Arts festival, where there has been much discussion from people from all over the place about Dundee, and Scotland’s place in the world of digital media and design. Because of this, I won’t be MCin the meeting, instead one of our awesome committee members will be! If you’re like me and can’t be there, but are still interested in the meeting, a memo document will be written up and published for all to see. You can also write in with your thoughts and ideas to our Twitter or Email.

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