The activity of the chapter wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers working to make sure that the website runs smoothly, that content gets created, that videos get edited and that meetings run well among much much else. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who helps us to create such an amazing community.

Special Thanks to:

Jason Hadlow

jason_igda_profileJason is the Owner and Audio designer at Hadlow Audio where he has worked with notable companies such as TeamRock Games, Guerrilla Tea and Pixel Sword. As an expert in his field he also writes blogs about audio in media that include games, film, TV and music.
With a wide range of musical tastes and ear for quality, Jason has been inspired by such influencers in the field as BT and William Orbit. In his down time, he likes walking, meeting new people and reading books on Sound, Holistic Health, and Eastern Philosophy. He is also a keen advocate for animal and planet welfare.

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Brian Beacom

PictureBrian is a regular volunteer at IGDA Scotland meetings in Dundee, at present he is employed as a programmer with Guerilla Tea, a small studio also based in Dundee. Where he has worked on products such as Genes in Space, Metal Hammer: Roadkill and Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins.
In his spare time Brian also manages the local CoderDojo based out of the central library in Dundee, where, alongside a team of mentors from local industry and universities, he assists children aged 7 to 17 increase their knowledge of programming and technology.

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Aidan Temple

Aidan is a software engineer with experience working for a number of different companies in the medical, financial and games industries. In his current position Aidan is a Technical Designer for Rockstar Games in Edinburgh.
Aidan is also a STEM ambassador who has volunteered alongside many groups who aim to teach the fundamentals of computer science to peoples of all ages. These groups include Young Rewired State, North Ayrshire Council, Glasgow Caledonian University and Dundee CoderDojo which Aidan helped to previously run alongside CoderDojo Scotland.
He is a recipient of the IGDA Develop 2012 scholarship and has volunteered for his local IGDA chapter, IGDA Scotland, on many occasions since 2012. This has involved helping to organise venues for chapter meetings, chaperoning IGDA scholars at GDC Europe and helping out generally at IGDA chapter meetings.


Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham





Kenny Anderson


Kenny is currently in the final year of his undergrad degree in Digital Media & Information Studies at the unviersity of Glasgow, and has recently submitted a dissertation based on original research into achievements within video games, and their impact on a games lognevity. He’s hoping to get onto the Serious Video games and VR Master course at the GSA later this year.

Aside from that, Kenny work part time as IT/Customer Servies for A1 Toys and Static games. It goes without saying that he’s a fan of all sorts of games, from video, to RPG, to board or card games!

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