1147536_10100589872548091_1203688985_oThe IGDA Scotland RiftShare program is aimed at making it easy for developers to develop for the Oculus Rift. The number of VR headsets is tiny compared to the number of enthusiastic developers wanting to work on the platform, and with a relatively large pricetag, the barrier to entry is comparatively high.

However, we’ve noticed that for many of us, the hardware sits idle while our game is made – the process of actually testing and debugging using the VR equipment is actually only a very small part of the process.

RiftShare is our attempt to help the community work more closely and collaboratively, sharing time on hardware to enable more developers to work with the platform. We hope to match developers who want to work on the Rift with those in Scotland who already have access to the hardware.

IMG_1559It’s very easy to get involved – simply join the RiftShare Google Group and start developing for the platform. When you have something you want to test out, let the group now and see if anyone is in a position to let you either come to their office or meet up with you somewhere to let you try out your project. It’s also probably going to be a really good place to talk about all things Rift, since we hope a lot of interested developers will be joining!

This is a great opportunity that we hope will enable all of us to develop amazing Virtual Worlds!