Our Board of Directors

Timea Tabori

Chair. Elected term: Nov 2016-18

Timea Tabori (@TimeaTabori) is an Engine Programmer at Rockstar North and the Chair of IGDA Scotland.  She is a STEM and Video Game Ambassador and CoderDojo mentor working to highlight career opportunities in digital technology to young people, especially women. She is passionate about bringing diversity and new voices to the games industry and creating playful experiences for everyone through improved collaboration.

Jaime Cross

jaimeElected term: Nov 2017-19
Jaime Cross (@speedyjx) currently does not have a bio. Watch this space!



Malath Abbas

FullSizeRender (2)Elected term: Nov 2017-19
Mal Abbas (@maltron3D) currently does not have a bio. Watch this space!



Steven Taarland

code-steven-taarland_sqElected term: Nov 2016-18
Steven Taarland (@StevenTaarland) currently does not have a bio. Watch this space!



Zoe Sams

profile_scaled_sqElected term: Nov 2016-18
Zoe Sams (@zoegsams) is a Tools Programmer at Rockstar North, and is passionate about combining art and code. In her spare time, she volunteers as a STEM Video Games Ambassador in order to inform young people of the possibilities of interdisciplinary careers.


Andrew Macdonald

Andrew MacdonaldElected term: Nov 2017-19
Andrew Macdonald (@AndrewAlexMac) is an undergraduate student in his 4th year studying Computer Games Technology at Abertay University, specialising in virtual reality and tool development. He is heavily involved in student societies, and has served on the committees of several to provide entertainment, education and career advancement opportunities to his peers. This included playing a key role in the organisation of the student-led Securi-Tay information security conference, now in it’s third year. A keen tinkerer, Andrew enjoys working with new technology, hardware hacking and tool development. While learning about console development in 2nd year, he developed NotSonyLinux, an open source PlayStation 2 development toolchain, which he promises to finish and release when he can find the time. More recently, he has been researching and developing an optical eye tracking solution for the Oculus Rift for his honours project.

Itching to jump into the game development industry, Andrew completed a two month summer internship at Tag Games, where he worked on a free-to-play iOS title. As a director of IGDA Scotland, he hopes to promote the chapter’s continued growth and position it as the leading force for good in the Scottish games industry.


Matt BarrElected term: Nov 2017-19
Matthew Barr (@hatii_matt) currently does not have a bio. Watch this space!

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