Dundee is a GO Baby!

Where: The Hannah Maclure Centre, The University of Abertay Dundee

When: Wednesday, 24th August, 2011 – Doors open @ 7pm

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Make sure you register with us on Eventbrite for access to appear on Abertay Union’s bar guest list (no drinks purchase required)

It’s that time already folks! The IGDA Scotland chapter is back in Dundee for a night conversations, controversy and carry-on!

We kicked off the chapter way back in May with a get together of developers and figures in the Industry, and carried some excellent momentum of followers and supporters across Scotland and the rest of the UK. We’d like to thank everyone that’s helped make this happen for their continued help and support, it wouldn’t have happened without you!

Besides rubbing shoulder’s with the Scotland’s greatest and brightest minds in the Games Industry, we’ve also got two highly esteemed speakers for you on the night!

Graciously sponsoring the event are Dundee based Tag Games; pioneers of mobile and digital gaming in Dundee. Tag are entering their sixth year as a studio, and have already ramped up a pretty sturdy portfolio of titles using their own IP as well as their clients. We’ll have Tag’s very own Marc Williamson, their Head of Production, helping as a speaker for us.

Secondly we’ll have a voice that’s been a long time coming. Listing all of this man’s exploits and activities would require a whole new blog post, but some of his past positions were held at DMA Design, Denki, Rockstar. He even has his own T-Shirt for crying out loud! I can only be talking about the self proclaimed voice of the Scottish games industry and editor of Scottishgames.net: Mr Brian Baglow!

We’ll be hosting this blockbuster in Abertay University’s Hannah Maclure Centre, it’s quite cushy – has a cinema bit an’ all. Since the centre is above Abertay’s award winning multistory union we’ve been asked to keep a tab on who’s who from the management. You may know that union booze is the best booze, because it’s cheap; and they like to keep the football pub crawls away from their sacred stuff – they can ruin the ambience…

However, make sure you register for the event on our Eventbrite page and they’ll be no such quibble! Get em’ telt!

What makes this meeting even more special is our collaboration with Bert Wednesdays, which will make sure the fun and socialising can continue long after we get kicked out of the Hannah Maclure Centre.

We can’t wait to see you all there! Our doors are open to everyone, IGDA member or not! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and become a Facebook Groupie and Like us! for all the latest developments, and to find out how you can get involved with the IGDA Scotland Chapter.

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  1. Sorry, stuck in Ayrshire. If you can persuade the jonnies at GCal or UWS, please plan one in Weegieland, ta!