Skype Chat Tomorrow!

Where: Skype

When: Thursday, 11th August, 2011 @ 7pm

Interested in what’s going on with the IGDA Scotland Chapter? Want to chip in your thoughts and ideas to help make it even more awesome? Then make sure to join us Tomorrow night on Skype for a group chat where we go over everything that’s in motion for the next meetup in Dundee along with other things we’ll be using to extend the Chapter’s outreach.

Heres how to get on the chat:

Within Skype, simply add your’s truly kraig.walker to your contact list.

When you’re doing this you can also add “IGDA” in the accompanying message to prevent any confusion. Then on the other end you’ll be added to the group chat a little bit before 7pm but you can come in at anytime during.

Can’t make it at that time? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting a document out similar to the one we did for Edinburgh on our Facebook Group and Google Group.

Also, if you’ve taken part in any of our previous skye chats then there’s no need to do anything! We’ll be using the same conversation space as always.

Hope to speak to you soon!

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