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Call for Action: Team Rock Job Losses

Rock and metal music media publisher Team Rock recently went into administration, causing immediate layoffs across its departments just before Christmas. Team Rock also branched into Games with Team Rock Games, which was based in Scotland, all of whom have been hit by this sudden development.

We are issuing a call out for support to help those at Team Rock Games in finding new employment. If any games companies have any vacancies they are looking to fill, or are taking in prospective applications, please reach out to Brian Baglow at: brian.baglow@gmail.com

Additionally, if you are looking for additional staff with expertise in publishing, journalism, broadcasting, social media or any other number of fields please contact Brian who will pass those details along to the relevant people.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by these job losses, especially at this time of year.

IGDA Scotland Launches a Job Board

Today we’re delighted to unveil another addition to the services that we offer to the Scottish game development community – the Job Board.

Simply put, the Job Board is an online, free resource where people can advertise positions they have available. In contrast to a lot of similar offerings, we also have taken great care to not only include provision for paid positions but also to allow hobbyist and student teams to advertise positions on their projects.

We will be moderating the board to ensure that the content remains of relevance to the IGDA Scotland community. We won’t be requiring that the position be in Scotland, because ultimately our community bleeds slightly south of the border in some places anyhow, but we will be ensuring that the content is policed.

We’re just starting out with this, and our policies are liable to change over time, but we hope that you will all find this new addition to the IGDA Scotland services useful! Bookmark and keep an eye on http://jobs.igdascotland.org, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see from this resource in the future and please please spread the word!