October 2014: Collaboration in Edinburgh

Teviot Row House

We’re back in Edinburgh on Wednesday 15th October at Teviot Row House for another meeting, in association with the University of Edinburgh Game Development Society, to learn about how collaboration and open source software can empower developers.

Edinburgh GameDevSoc

This meeting is hosted in association with the University of Edinburgh Game Development Society, who have graciously organised the Teviot Dining Hall in EUSA‘s Teviot Row House for us. If you want to stay up to date on their activites, go ahead and check out their website, or contact them at gamedevsoc@gmail.com.

  • Marc Williamson from Tag Games: Collaboration, Independence and Engines


    • Moving to Free-to-Play offered a few problems to Tag.
    • A very independent streak at Tag meant that we wanted control of tools and tech
    • Unity scares (not allowed on store and risk of company acquisition) reinforced these ideas
    • What we have developed internally:
      • Engine: Chilli Works
      • Online Platform: Chilli Connect
      • Metrics: Chilli Metrics
    • Why is that important to you?
    • Our big idea
  • Aaron Dron from Codeplay: An introduction to Hackerspaces for Indie Game Developers
    • The global hackerspace movement and why you should care.
    • The Edinburgh Hacklab – who we are, what we do.
    • Software development in a hackerspace – how you fit in.
    • Collaboration, tools and jams.
  • IGDA Scholarships Panel/Q&A: What are they, and why should you apply?


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