Videos from Previous Meetings

During the last two years we’ve recorded a few videos of our meetings, and going forward we want to make this a much more regular occurrence. We’re now publishing all of our videos to our Youtube channel, and to begin with here is a short history of the sessions we have recorded so far.

In August 2011, Brian Baglow did a session for us called “Developers: Stop Being Shit”. This talk went viral to game developers around the world, and went on to spawn one of the highest rated sessions at Develop in Brighton in 2012, although they did ask Brian to change the title.

In September 2011, we met in Glasgow and Interim Chapter Leader Kraig Walker gave a short session on the state of the chapter at that time, and where the chapter was heading.

The same night saw a session from long time friend of the chapter Daniel Livingstone of UWS presenting work undertaken by students using a unofficial Kinect SDK (this was in the days before the official SDK was released).

Brian Hackett of Claymore Games gave a presentation as well, covering the way that they transitioned from developing using Java to moving to the iOS platform.

In April of 2012, Chapter Leader Brian McDonald gave a short talk about the first year of operation for the chapter, how things had progressed and what we were looking to do in the future.

We’ll be posting more videos of more recent talks, as well as getting more of our meetings recorded. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, and to the volunteers who have recorded and edited these sessions together.

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