IGDA Scotland Supports the Scottish Game Jam!

IGDA Scotland loves Game Developers; It’s in our blood! We’re fascinated by all the stories and amazing works that come out of Scotland’s bubbling hub of technological and artistic marvel.

That’s why we’re really excited to announce that IGDA Scotland are backing this years Scottish Game Jam, part of the wider known Global Game Jam, where thousands of programmers, artists, and everyone in between get together to learn, create, and have fun!

Building up to the event at Glasgow Caledonian University – which is now out of free spaces, we’ll be posting some blogs and tidbits on our media streams to get participants up and running, whether this be their first game jam, or their hundredth!

During the weekend of the jam, the chapter committee will be on hand covering all the developments. Committee Kraig Walker & Brian McDonald are confirmed to be taking the plunge by joining the jammers to create a game in under 48 hours, while games AI guru Luke Dicken will be rallying the troops prior to the onslaught!

Didn’t get a place in the jam? That’s okay, it’s been the most successful uptake they’ve ever had. Another official jam site is taking place at Edinburgh Napier University too if you’re up that way, and you can still take part over the interwebs! If you’re streaming or blogging your rapid game creation experiences in Scotland why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you!

One response to “IGDA Scotland Supports the Scottish Game Jam!

  1. Peter van der Watt (@tenebrious)

    Awesome stuff, sounds like its going to be a great weekend!