IGDA Scotland Gets Googly Eyed & LinkedIn!

The New Year is coming up fast, and that means another round of IGDA Scotland Touring Talks, Parties and Gatherings. Us chaps at the IGDA Scotland Committee have some pretty wicked ideas for 2012, and we can’t wait to get started on them.

We’re still meant to be on our holidays, but I couldn’t resist and spread our reach across the social-spheres and unwrap IGDA Scotland’s shiny new official Google+ Page!

Wicked right? We don’t like the idea of forcing people to align themselves with one specific way of finding stuff out about the chapter, so, as requested by YOU, we’re giving you as many ways as possible to be connected and in touch with the chapter and it’s followers!

But it’s not just Google+ We’re getting our hands messy in LinkedIn by creating our very own LinkedIn Group for all of you creative Scottish Game-type folks to connect and collaborate together.

This is kind of a big deal! Did you do some awesome networking at one our meetings? Did you make some great contacts who want to keep in touch with you? Did you lose their business card on the 11:10pm bus home to Drongan? If this had happened to you pre-2002 your chances may be scuppered forever! But as of now, that should be a thing of the past!

Make sure to get your profile in our group before coming to one of our events, Perhaps even download CardMunch  to your iPhone to automatically connect with your new found contacts on LinkedIn before you spill your drink on their details?

What’s more you’ll be kept in the loop about exciting opportunities and upcoming meetings from the IGDA Scotland crew.

It’s a win win being part of the IGDA Scotland community! So here’s our full rundown of social connections you can add us on:

All that’s left to do now is wish you all a Happy New Year! See you on the other side!

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