August Startups Meetup Recap

In August we came to the Henderson Loggie Offices in The Vision Building, in Dundee to discuss starting you own business. To kick off the evening, we had Steve Cartwright from Henderson Loggie share with us his insights and expert advice about what’s involved in starting you own company. Afterwards, we had an expert panel including Frank Arnot (Stormcloud Games), Dan Allan (A Fox Wot I Drew), Cheri Skivington (BlackTorch Studios) and Simon Doyle (Team Junkfish), and moderated by Tony Gowland (Ant Workshop).

We would like to thank Henderson Loggie for the generous offer of their offices and refreshments, which we hope you all enjoyed.
We hope you also enjoyed the discussion, but in case you missed it you can listen to Steve’s talk here (slides available here):

And the panel discussion:

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Watch our recording of Steve’s talk and our Panel discussion now!

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