Further Scholarship Victory for Scotland

We talk a lot about the IGDA Scholarships here at IGDA Scotland, and with good reason – this is a program that has helped launch careers over its multi-year history, and Scotland has consistently proven that as a nation we generate some of the best and brightest new talent as our long history of success with the scholarships can attest.

Today we can add another name to that history – Paul McGee from University of Abertay Dundee is the recipient of a scholarship to attend this year’s E3 event. E3 is one of the most ritzy events the industry holds, and Paul will have an all-access pass in both the literal and figurative sense as he rubs shoulders with not only the other scholars but also some of the big names within the industry. In his own words:

“This chance means an enormous amount to me. I’m at the very start of my career in the games industry and I have so much to learn about everything. There is no better way to learn than diving in headfirst, and getting the opportunity to go to E3, especially as part of the IGDA Scholars program, and to hopefully meet so many interesting, knowledgeable people is a fantastic way to achieve this. I cannot wait to make the most of it on this trip. Sincere thanks to the IGDA and everyone involved.”

This is the second year that the IGDA has offered a scholarship to E3, and the second year a representative from Scotland has been part of the group. It is also the second year in a row that Scottish students have been selected to attend both GDC and E3. It speaks amazingly well both of our universities and our industry as a whole that we have such great talent here in Scotland, and that this talent is recognised on an international stage.

Please join us in congratulating Paul, we just know he’ll have a great time at E3 and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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