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Film Student looking for game devs and academics to interview

Jack Hunter, a student at Glasgow University, is looking for Scottish game developers and academics to interview as part of his final Masters project.

He is producing a documentary on the question of “Are Games Art?”, and seeking input from:

  • Gamers
  • Developers
  • Academics; specialists in Video Game studies and History of Art

He is currently in the research stage and looking for input from developers at this time, specifically regarding:

  • what do video games mean to you personally?
  • what do they mean to you as a creator?
  • what are your opinions on the ongoing debate as to whether or not video games should be considered an art form?

If you are interested in taking part, and comfortable being on film, please contact Jack at: jackhunter56@hotmail.co.uk

Glasgow Caledonian University hosting Antura Jam to aid Syrian children

Glasgow Caledonian University is hosting a game jam to make games that can help Syrian refugee children. You can register here: http://bit.ly/anturajam

Over 2.8 million children are out of school due to the five year conflict. These children receive no education and a wealth of potential human capital, creativity, and achievement is being lost.

In the light of this horrible tragedy, Cologne Game Lab, Wixel Studios and Video Games Without Borders teamed up to form a partnership and find a way to limit the consequences of the situation. Antura and the Letters is a game project being led by Emmanuel Guadiola from the Cologne Game Lab. The game will be released on iOS and Android so that Syrian children can receive an education and learn how to read.

We are hoping to prototype a few different game ideas over this jam weekend and we need your help!

The jam will take place in rooms C116 and C117 in Charles Oakley building at GCU, from Friday 7th through Sunday 9th

We will have access: • from 5pm-8pm on Friday 7th • from 10am-4pm on Saturday 8th • from 10am-3pm on Sunday 9th.

About Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a Game Director and expert in game design methodology, Emmanuel Guardiola contributes to more than 30 major titles in the game industry, for independent studios (Life is Strange, Frank Herbert’s Dune…) and publishers (Ghost Recon, Prince of Persia…). PhD in computer science, he also drives research on player psychological profiling through gameplay at the CNAM computer science laboratory (Paris). He was one of the key creators of the game design training at the French Graduate School on Games and Interactive Media (ENJMIN) If you want to learn more about Emmanuel’s work, you can check out his LinkedIn, or his MobyGames profile



Scottish Game Jam 2013 – Play Party

Earlier this week, IGDA Scotland held our first meeting for 2013, beginning as we do every year by inviting teams from the Scottish GameJam to showcase what they created in the intensive 2 day event held at the end of January.


We had a record number of registrations for the event, and despite a very snowy night, we clocked around 60 people through the door in what proved to be a really enjoyable night of socialising and play, with 12 games from all three of the Scottish Game Jam sites on hand to be played.


At the end of the night, we held the now-annual awards to select IGDA Scotland’s “Pick of the Jam”, this year using a highly sophisticated and technical “clapometer” voting system. The crowd had some clear favourites among the teams that were exhibiting and expressed that loudly.


1st – Typing Together – http://globalgamejam.org/2013/typing-together 

A fast and furious competitive typing game where the goal is to out type your opponents. This game also threw in some interesting additional challenges such as typing on a upside down keyboard, typing with your nose and saying aloud the incompressible word before typing.

Typing With Friends

2nd – Luv vs Dub – http://globalgamejam.org/2013/lub-vs-dub-ipad

A lovely little 2 player iPad game where you and the other player have to run on a line while avoiding the spike of the heart beat. The winner of the game is the player which collects the most hearts, seems simple enough but there are various special items such as ice which will thwart your opponents ability to control his character.


3rd – Hunt The Wumpus Global Edition – http://globalgamejam.org/2013/hunt-wumpus-global-edition

Another multiplayer game where the goal is to hunt and kill the elusive Wumpus. In this game the players navigate a text based adventure environment by issuing the classic NORTH, SOUTH, WEST and EAST commands. The player with the most Wumpus kills is the winner.


You can play these games and more from the following links

Dundee – http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/sgj-dundee/games

Edinburgh – http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/sgj-edinburgh/games

Glasgow – http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/sgj-Glasgow/games

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the jam, but of course special congratulations to our winners, who get to proudly claim that they are Scotland’s Pick as best of the Game Jam!

IGDA Scotland Gets Googly Eyed & LinkedIn!

The New Year is coming up fast, and that means another round of IGDA Scotland Touring Talks, Parties and Gatherings. Us chaps at the IGDA Scotland Committee have some pretty wicked ideas for 2012, and we can’t wait to get started on them.

We’re still meant to be on our holidays, but I couldn’t resist and spread our reach across the social-spheres and unwrap IGDA Scotland’s shiny new official Google+ Page!

Wicked right? We don’t like the idea of forcing people to align themselves with one specific way of finding stuff out about the chapter, so, as requested by YOU, we’re giving you as many ways as possible to be connected and in touch with the chapter and it’s followers!

But it’s not just Google+ We’re getting our hands messy in LinkedIn by creating our very own LinkedIn Group for all of you creative Scottish Game-type folks to connect and collaborate together.

This is kind of a big deal! Did you do some awesome networking at one our meetings? Did you make some great contacts who want to keep in touch with you? Did you lose their business card on the 11:10pm bus home to Drongan? If this had happened to you pre-2002 your chances may be scuppered forever! But as of now, that should be a thing of the past!

Make sure to get your profile in our group before coming to one of our events, Perhaps even download CardMunch  to your iPhone to automatically connect with your new found contacts on LinkedIn before you spill your drink on their details?

What’s more you’ll be kept in the loop about exciting opportunities and upcoming meetings from the IGDA Scotland crew.

It’s a win win being part of the IGDA Scotland community! So here’s our full rundown of social connections you can add us on:

All that’s left to do now is wish you all a Happy New Year! See you on the other side!