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#ScreenScot Saturday – September


September saw the closing of this year’s Dare Academy, the Rainbow Game Jam, and EGX. Some great events, so let’s see what the Scottish Game Development community produced this month!

We had multiple updates from Portponky, along with a birthday celebration for Recursed!

Kenny Creanor was showing us the progress you can make in just one month. Good luck Kenny!

Hexterion, the creators of Rebound, were also taking full advantage of #ScreenScot as usual – posting an update every week!

We had a few familiar faces popping back into #ScreenScot with multiple updates and progress shots.

Congratulations to the team behind Oil, who will be showing off their game in India!

And finally we had some great updates from first time #ScreenScot users as well.

A huge thank you to all of you that use #ScreenScot, it’s great to see the community getting involved and all the hard work you’re producing. We can’t wait to see what t̸̡̝̠͔̣̦̘͕̿è̸̯̝͕͍̱͈͔̋̈́̔̐̾̍͝r̵̛̥̫̜̮̀̀͌̓́͐̅͘͝r̷̗͕̩͎͍̘̜̐͌ḯ̶̯͎̱f̸̨̩̲͓̯̤̓̀̚y̴̬̐i̶̧̥̐͋͂̈́̓͛͜͝n̴̹̈́͑͌̓g̶̡͓͙̰̲͙̎ October has to offer…

#ScreenScot Saturday – August

August was a sleepier month for us! It’s phenomenal to see returning users of the #ScreenScot hashtag to help promote their work, and show off the exciting things happening in Scottish Game Development.

We started August off with some updates from slampunks.

Rao Dao Zao showed us some great progress from their work in July.

And Rebound have been showing us some interesting new player types and mechanics.

We love seeing your work, and with events such as #RainbowJam17 in the coming weeks, we cannot WAIT for September!

#ScreenScot Saturday – July

July saw the introduction of IGDA Scotland’s take on screen shot saturday – #ScreenScot. We’ve set out to retweet all those tagged with #ScreenScot on twitter with the intention of demonstrating what the Scottish Games Industry has to offer.

Below is some of the incredible work submitted to us this month. It’s great seeing developers use the hashtag multiple times to display the progress they’ve made on their work or the multiple projects they’re invested in.

Ant Workshop has been busy this month, releasing the hilariously accurate “Taps Aff!” and developing other titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Pocket Sized Hands have been showing us what it means to take an idea from concept through to implementation.

Rebound has been touring, displaying at both Insomnia X Resonate and 4TG GameCon.

Thanks to all that have been getting involved in #ScreenScot Saturday, we love seeing your work and encourage you to keep engaged! See all the #ScreenScot posts from the 24th June – 29th July here.