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Monthly Meetings – Call for Speakers!


Our monthly meetings will be starting up again in March and we are looking for speakers to join us. For those who have attended our meetings in the past they are a great opportunity for game devs to share their expertise with the rest of the community. If you have a subject you would like to talk about then please get in touch with us on, telling us a little bit about yourself, a summary of the talk you would like to give, and state the city you would like to speak out (Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee). The types of topics we would be looking for are:

  • Technical tips or tutorials
  • Discipline related insights (design, audio, etc.)
  • Game Postmortems
  • General development advice

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!
More information about the date and location of our next monthly meeting to follow shortly.

Diversity in the Creative Industries Panel

Diversity in the Creative Industries Banner

Join us at Abertay University on Thursday 26th March from 5pm to hear from a panel of games industry professionals on the current state of diversity within the games industry, and the role of women in games. Our panelists will be sharing their own personal experiences, stories, advice on getting a foothold in games and building meaningful relationships within the development community.

Eventbrite - Diversity in the Creative Industries Panel

The panel is open for anyone to attend whether you’re a student, professional, educator, or just curious. Tickets are free, even for non-IGDA members. A donation on the night in aid of WRASAC Dundee would be appreciated.

Abertay Feminist Society Logo

We’re hosting this special event in association with the Abertay Feminist Society. If you wish to stay up to date on their activities, please like their Facebook page for all the latest news, or contact Paige Shepherd to learn more.


The Panelists

November 2014: Annual General Meeting in Glasgow

Global Game Jam Play Party 2014 in Glasgow

As the year starts to wrap up for the holidays, and as as our ongoing chapter Board of Directors elections draw to a close, you’re invited to join us on 19th November from 19:30 at The Admiral Bar in Glasgow to reflect on what our community has accomplished over the course of the last year, and what the coming year may bring.

Just like any of our other events, the AGM is open to anybody interested in game development in Scotland. You’re a part of the wider community, whether you’re an IGDA member or not, so we heartily encourage you to come along, share your views and have an impact.

As the AGM is largely a social and celebratory occasion, we would love to offer free drinks to our attendees with the help of a generous sponsor. If you are interested in helping us out, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Global Game Jam Play Party 2014 in Glasgow

If you wish to vote or run in the upcoming elections, you must be an full IGDA member by 23:59 on 11th November, so be sure to join the IGDA if you would like to participate; those wishing to nominate themselves for election should also submit a candidate statement. Learn more about our election process here

Eventbrite - IGDA Scotland Annual General Meeting 2014

June 2014: Early Access in Dundee

Hannah Maclure Centre cinema

At long last, the sun has returned to shine it’s scalding, blinding rays upon bonnie Scotland once more, briefly. Escape the heat (and rain) and join us on Wednesday 18th June in the Hannah Maclure Centre at the University of Abertay Dundee for June’s IGDA Scotland meeting, where we’ll be taking a look at Early Access.

We have two great speakers lined up, with Alex Zietler from Guerilla Tea announcing their next project, plus a unique Guerilla twist on the early access model; and Karl Inglott from Space Budgie discussing their early access experiences from the ongoing development of Glitchspace. Register your free ticket on Eventbrite below:

Alex Zeitler from Guerilla Tea: Quo Vadis Indie? (or Guerilla Warfare for Game Developers)

A quick look at the current state of indie (featuring “The Mythical Indie Bubble”), the upcoming indiepocalypse and why there are two different kinds of freedom. And on top of that, a first sneak peek at our upcoming project Contraband Empire and how we are planning to apply Guerilla tactics to make a difference! (WARNING: will contain a lot of opinions and probably some swearing)

Karl Inglott from Space Budgie: Glitchspace Early Access

Starting with an overview of the steps leading to it, Karl Inglott from Space Budgie will be discussing the pros, cons, and the projected future of the Early Access move for programming game Glitchspace.

Eventbrite - IGDA Scotland June Meeting: Early Access in Dundee

May 2014: Scottish Post-Mortems Are Back!

Yann Seznec presents his post-mortem on Bad Hotel

Back due to popular demand, learn what went right and wrong during the development of some of your favourite Scottish titles, and gather valuable insights to aid your own projects at our second Scottish Post-Mortems session.

You lot couldn’t get enough of them last year in Dundee, so we’re taking them on tour, starting with Glasgow. Join us at the Admiral Bar on 21st May from 19:30 for a series of short post-mortem sessions from local developers, our traditional open mic, and networking with drinks.

Last year’s meeting completely sold out, so we heartily encourage you to register your spot now early while you still can! It’s early days yet, so we’ll announce the line-up nearer the date, and let you know by email. Save the date!

Eventbrite - IGDA Scotland May Meeting: Post-Mortems in Glasgow

If you need a reminder of just how useful reflecting on the development process can be, here are last year’s excellent post-mortems below on the IGDA Scotland YouTube channel, and our recap blog post by Finlay Thewlis. They might even serve as inspiration for your own post-mortem! We will announce this year’s speakers nearer the date.

If you recently finished or launched a project of your own, we’d love to hear your game’s development story; both the ups and the downs. What lessons did you learn, what would you do differently, and what advice would you give your fellow developers? If you’re keen on sharing your triumphs and tribulations, we urge you to contact and arrange to speak.

Eventbrite - IGDA Scotland May Meeting: Post-Mortems in Glasgow

Upcoming Meeting: April 2014 – GDC Roundup

Now that everybody has had the chance to recover, it’s time for our 2nd GDC Roundup meeting! Join us in the world’s oldest student union, the Teviot Row House on Wednesday 16th April from 19:30 for an evening of talks, followed by a panel, revolving around all the exciting news from San Francisco’s annual game development extravaganza.

Don’t miss your chance by registering your free ticket on Eventbrite or by using the handy registration box below. Our meetings are open to all, even if you’re not a member of the IGDA. Non-students must be registered ahead of the event in order to be guaranteed entry to the venue.

Following up on last month’s excellent microtalks from the community, we’re on the hunt for speakers interested in sharing some of their experiences from GDC. If you were exhibiting your game, spoke at a session, or even there as an attendee, that means you! We want to hear your thrilling tales, so we urge you to fill out our online form and volunteer to speak.

Edinburgh GameDevSoc

This year’s GDC Roundup is being hosted in association with the University of Edinburgh Game Development Society, who have graciously organised the Teviot Dining Hall in EUSA’s Teviot Row House for us. If you want to stay up to date on their activites, go ahead and check out their website, or contact them at

Eventbrite - April Meeting: GDC Roundup

February 2014: Global Game Jam Play Parties

Game Jam Play Party
Once again on Wednesday the 12th and 19th of February, the Scottish game community and it’s denizens descended on Glasgow and, for the very first time, Dundee to play some of the great games created at this year’s Global Game Jam at our annual Play Parties. The Global Game Jam, for those who don’t know, is an event held across the world with teams of developers racing to create a game in 48 hours. This year Scotland played host to several venues, including Glasgow, Dundee, and Edinburgh.

This year’s jam was huge, with well over 200 jammers registered across all the venues, and all of the games which were produced turned out to be genuinely innovative and incredibly fun to play.

Global Game Jam
Attendees at the Play Parties were also given the chance to vote for their favourite game, and help it win the IGDA Scotland Community Choice Award. At the Glasgow site the stunning Prism Saga, from a pair of game jam virgins no less, swooped the award. Prism Saga is a shiny 3D platformer with two-dimensional freedom of movement, which is really fun to play. The developers of the game are hoping to expand it further, aiming for a commercial release to bring the title to a wider audience. You can play Prism Saga here:


The winning game at the Dundee Play Party was the beautifully innovative Light in the Night. Light of the Night is an experimental game in which there is a small town enveloped in a fog, and by walking around you clear the fog away. This effect works really well, and the visuals are very impressive for a game created in just 48 hours. You can check out Light of the Night here:


A massive congratulations is also due to the fantastic Timea Tabori, who received the inaugural IGDA Scotland Most Valuable Person Award for her outstanding commitment and service to the chapter over the past year. Truly well deserved, and a huge thanks to Timea for all she’s done.


Finally, although only two titles could be chosen, all of the games that I played at the Play Parties were great! There was some real talent showcased at this year’s jam, and we hope to see you at next years event! You can play the other games from the various venues at the links below:

A huge thank you to everyone who came and exhibited their game at either Glasgow or Dundee (or both!), and to everyone who came along and played them. We all had a fantastic time, and we hope you enjoyed the Play Parties as well. Thanks also to Dave Sharp for allowing us to use his photo from the Global Game Jam Glasgow venue in this post.

Don’t forget we have plenty of other IGDA events running throughout the year, with the next one being an evening of microtalks in Dundee on March 26th. More details and tickets can be found by clicking here.