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IGDA Scotland Powered by PechaKucha

We tried out a different presentation format at the Glasgow meeting. PechaKucha translates from Japanese as chit-chat, but also refers to a fun style of giving talks where each speaker has 20 slides, each of which will be shown for 20 seconds before automatically advancing – whether the speaker is ready or not!

We’d like to thank each of the 8 speakers for their role in making this evening a great success. The evening went very well and there were a lot of laughs as the presenters got to grips with the new format. It’s great to see people out supporting their chapter, and we’d also like to thank all of the attendees for coming along. Don’t worry if you missed the stories and ideas presented, the talks were recorded, and you can find them all embedded in the playlist below.

Remember, you can find many videos of our meetings on our YouTube channel, and make sure to keep an eye on the calendar area of the homepage so that you don’t miss out on attending more great events by IGDA Scotland.