Global Game Jam 2018

Global game jam is happening this weekend! We hope you’re excited and ready to get involved. We have some useful information about GGJ sites in Scotland as well as some tips about various aspects of game jams from one of our meetups.

Scottish Sites

First up, we’re very happy to see a number of Scottish sites taking part! Some of these sites are closed to the public, but they still deserve a shout out.
Sky, Livingston (closed)
ISO Design (closed)
Dundee MakerSpace
Glasgow Caledonian University
Abertay University
Edinburgh Napier University

If you’re hosting a GGJ site that we missed, please get in touch and let us know what you’re up to! We would love to give a shout out to all the amazing site organisers and volunteers!

Game Jam Tips

Just over a year ago we hosted a meetup with the theme of game jams and we heard from some amazing people about their experiences with them. Listen to these below in preparation to this year’s Jam.

First up was Steven Taarland, talking about his experiences in organising Rainbow Jam ’16. He discusses some of the issues he faced regarding organisation, getting sponsorships, promotion and more.

Next was previous winner of several of the Play Party Awards: Team Curvish. They spoke about how they came together during the jam and developed their game further after the play parties, including showing Curvish at EGX Rezzed, sourcing funding and how they plan to bring the game to market.

Finally Brian McDonald spoke about the Global Game Jam, his experience in helping to organise it as a site and as a board member, and several tips for people looking to take part in not only them but other jams.

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