#ScreenScot Saturday – November


Christmas is fast approaching and we’re expecting some festive #ScreenScot images for December – but first here’s our November Round Up!

@RaoDaoZao has been showing us how to get places and how to get places fast.

Tiago has been focusing on combat and impact.

Stuart Adams is working on some VR projects which we always like to see! Especially if they involve dogs in business suits…

Crannog Games have released Collectiboom – a treasure hunters dream (and nightmare)!

Rebound has been testing our abilities to see as many things on screen as possible at once – and we love it!

OIL was finally taken to the Indian Games Expo – we hope you all had a great time, we’ve loved seeing your updates!



Really enjoying the visual style of Made With Numbers #ScreenScot images this month.

Martin has been giving us the people we all dream to meet – friendly bobble heads.

And JL Brady has been showing us a range of different #ScreenScot games – remember, we’d love to see your board games too! Anything at all that you’re working on.


Tony has been experimenting with light…

And while it may not have been a Saturday, who are we to exclude Orthrus Studios and their interesting visualisation on the work of their new project. We can’t wait to see what it becomes.

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