Game Jam Play Parties 2015

In February, IGDA Scotland hosted its annual Play Parties. An evening where developers can come together and showcase their games made at the Global Game Jam. This year, however, there was a slight twist in that participants could bring any game they had made recently from a game jam and get feedback from the audience. As well as the teams being able to show-off their games, there was a competitive edge to the evening, with each audience member being able to vote for the game they thought was the overall best. With over 40 games exhibited and a total of 128 attendees in both Dundee and Glasgow, there was a wide variety of superb games to play and enjoy. The winners were:

Manic Magicians for their game Tragic Magic. A combat game in which player’s must look up spell combos in a book and then aim the magic wand over the Leap Motion (tool tracking) to perform spells and defeat opponents.

Matthew Cormack
Jordan Brown
Sean Thurmond
Max Wrighton




Yellow Platypus for their game Time Tear. A level-progression game where the player must prevent the world from falling through the tears and rips in the space-time continuum. Each level must be completed as fast as possible and the player can choose through which tear they will travel next. The game can also be played on an Android device with a VR headset.

Heather MacGill, Jonathan Dillon
Art – Concept/3D/UI:
Katarzyna Gostanska, Sarah Richford, Stanislav Valov
Daniel Ellis
Dylan McCormack, Heather MacGill, Victoria Russell




Big thank you to Ryan Locke, Abertay University, GCU, GCU Computing Society for their help in hosting the events and to Skillsearch for sponsoring the Dundee Play Party.



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