November 2014: Annual General Meeting in Glasgow

Global Game Jam Play Party 2014 in Glasgow

As the year starts to wrap up for the holidays, and as as our ongoing chapter Board of Directors elections draw to a close, you’re invited to join us on 19th November from 19:30 at The Admiral Bar in Glasgow to reflect on what our community has accomplished over the course of the last year, and what the coming year may bring.

Just like any of our other events, the AGM is open to anybody interested in game development in Scotland. You’re a part of the wider community, whether you’re an IGDA member or not, so we heartily encourage you to come along, share your views and have an impact.

As the AGM is largely a social and celebratory occasion, we would love to offer free drinks to our attendees with the help of a generous sponsor. If you are interested in helping us out, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Global Game Jam Play Party 2014 in Glasgow

If you wish to vote or run in the upcoming elections, you must be an full IGDA member by 23:59 on 11th November, so be sure to join the IGDA if you would like to participate; those wishing to nominate themselves for election should also submit a candidate statement. Learn more about our election process here

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