June 2014: Early Access in Dundee

Hannah Maclure Centre cinema

At long last, the sun has returned to shine it’s scalding, blinding rays upon bonnie Scotland once more, briefly. Escape the heat (and rain) and join us on Wednesday 18th June in the Hannah Maclure Centre at the University of Abertay Dundee for June’s IGDA Scotland meeting, where we’ll be taking a look at Early Access.

We have two great speakers lined up, with Alex Zietler from Guerilla Tea announcing their next project, plus a unique Guerilla twist on the early access model; and Karl Inglott from Space Budgie discussing their early access experiences from the ongoing development of Glitchspace. Register your free ticket on Eventbrite below:

Alex Zeitler from Guerilla Tea: Quo Vadis Indie? (or Guerilla Warfare for Game Developers)

A quick look at the current state of indie (featuring “The Mythical Indie Bubble”), the upcoming indiepocalypse and why there are two different kinds of freedom. And on top of that, a first sneak peek at our upcoming project Contraband Empire and how we are planning to apply Guerilla tactics to make a difference! (WARNING: will contain a lot of opinions and probably some swearing)

Karl Inglott from Space Budgie: Glitchspace Early Access

Starting with an overview of the steps leading to it, Karl Inglott from Space Budgie will be discussing the pros, cons, and the projected future of the Early Access move for programming game Glitchspace.

Eventbrite - IGDA Scotland June Meeting: Early Access in Dundee

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