Helping IGDA Scotland

TL;DR – Please help out the chapter by volunteering to help us. Fill in this form.

In the past year at IGDA Scotland we’ve been fortunate to have some excellent people volunteering to help us out with our activities. Everything we do as a group is entirely based around people spending their own time to make it happen.

We’re grateful to those that have helped up until now, whether taking photos at events, checking people in at the door or helping us find and set up venues or even writing articles to keep our website up to date.


We need more people to step up and help out so that we can share the workload. For students it can be an excellent way of building up your CV with some community-oriented work (which also works really well on your IGDA Scholarships application). For professionals, it’s a great way to give something back to the community, as well allowing you to take a role in shaping that community.

You can volunteer to help us by filling in this form. More people getting involved and helping out is what will push IGDA Scotland to the next level. Please consider volunteering.

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