IGDA Scholarship Workshop – 19-04-12

Hot on the heels of our successful Edinburgh meetup we are delighted to
announce a second event this month!

In conjunction with Glasgow Caledonian University, we will be hosting a Scholarship Workshop.

This Workshop focuses on the IGDA Scholarship Programme, which is open to all students across Scotland. The programme gives you the chance to attend some of the largest Games Conferences in the world. Not only do you get a free pass but you will be rubbing shoulders with the giants of the Games Industry, picking up valuable inspiration and insight.


At this workshop, Luke Dicken(@LukeD) who won the AI Scholarship for this years GDC and a scholarship for last years E3 will talk about his experiences as a Scholar and will give some hints on how to get in.

We will be hosting this event at Glasgow Caledonian University in room M705 – George Moor Building on 19th of April from 12pm – 2pm and is open to full time PhD, post-grad and under-graduate students.

Finding GCU

Hope to see you all there!

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