Survey Is Here!

Complete our survey UP HERE! (or down there…)

We’ve talked about this for a little while, and we’re happy to announce that our IGDA Scotland survey is ready for public consumption.

Been to any of our previous meet ups such as our most recent Glasgow? Get Together? We’d love to hear your thoughts and collect some info about you so that we can plan for the future and keep running IGDA Scotland as the best chapter we can make it.

Got any ideas or opinions you’d like to see in the future too? We’re all ears.The chapter is what you make it, and this is just one of many upcoming opportunities to get involved and do something awesome!

So if you’ve got 10-15 minutes spare in between with catching up on the current season of Glee, make sure to voice your opinions with us. We can’t wait to start hearing from you!

With thanks to Brian McDonald & David Farrell for their survey making and URL generation finess.

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