Edinburgh is ON!

Where: The Walkabout, Edinburgh

When: Wednesday, 27th July, 2011

Yes folks, we do like to keep the suspense up here at IGDA Scotland, some of you thought we wouldn’t be having a third meeting in Edinburgh. Some of you may have even forgot (don’t worry – it happens)

In all honesty getting a venue sorted in the Capital with a generous budget of £nill was a bit of a challenge. But don’t worry, the intuitive and multi-talented Hazel McKendrick has secured Edinburgh’s Walkabout at the Omni Centre.

So what will we have on offer this month? Well we’ve lined up another couple of great speakers for you guys (thumbs up to them for being able to appear on short notice)

If you’ve been to any of our previous meetings you will no doubt have heard of or even met Mr Phil Harris: Editor in Chief of Square Go! Phil will be giving you an insight into narrative design for games, a subject riddled with innovation in the current climate. Secondly we present to you Luke Dicken of the University of Strathclyde who’ll be sharing his experiences of E3 with us thanks to an awesome IGDA Scholarship. They’re really cool, as are the people who they get given to: Fact!

But wait folks! We’re working on getting hold of a third character for our little “Capital Caper” We’ll be keeping it behind our metaphorical curtain right now until we get them talking to us again after they accidentally fell onto a syringe loaded with horse sedative. They’ll be fine…

Our mystery speaker revealed… Colin Riley of Codeplay will be offering IGDA Scotland’s first technical talk which he describes as an “energy shot of a coding talk” – have your cans of relentless at the ready!

So all that needs telling are the details of where and when to get there.

The Walkabout is located in Edinburgh’s OMNI Centre, just down the road from the Edinburgh Playhouse theatre. It’s a friendly Australian themed bar/bistro venue, and we’ve got our own room in there for the night. You know you’re at the OMNI Centre when you come across two great Giraffes on the street. It’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the Waverley Train Station with regular trains operating to and from the city.

As for details on Tram routes, you’ll be waiting some time…

As we have done so previously we’ll be opening up from 7pm on Wednesday the 27th of July with speakers starting at around 8pm. At the time of writing, this is next Wednesday! We apologise for the short notice, but currently we’re doing our best organising meetings on a month by month basis while working to get the Chapter formalised with the IGDA itself.

Just before you get your boots on to meet us there, we’d find it of great use to RSVP us on our Facebook Group Event (if you have one) just so that we can account for numbers a bit better.

But don’t forget, the chapter is not just about getting people in to listen to speakers. We’re all about connecting the wide area that Scotland’s game Industry covers, from developers, to academia, and anyone at all who is interested in what’s going in with Scotland’s game and creative media sectors. There will be plenty of time before and after our talks to have a chat and meet new people from all over the place.

We hope to see you there! Any questions regarding the meeting or anything IGDA in general feel free to get in touch on Twitter @IGDAScotland, Facebook or our Google Group mailing list.

Image Credits: Aaron Caskey

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