What’s going on?

We’re well on our way to having the required number of IGDA members (just waiting on a couple of confirmations) and seeing a lot of support for the chapter.

What’s next?

The next immediate step is to decide what everyone wants to get out of chapter meetings, and agree on a format and location based on that.

After that, we need to work towards electing a steering committee (within the next 6 months) and eventually forming as a non-profit organisation. But all that is meaningless unless we’re having meetups worth attending.

How can I stay in touch?

In order to help organise the chapter, we have a mailing list. Please feel free to sign up, introduce yourself, and share any suggestions you have about what would make meetings worthwhile for you.

We’re also doing that Facebook thing and that Twitter thing.

Where did you get your beautiful logo?

The talented Mr Liam Wong made it.

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